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Are manufactured homes safe during inclement weather?

thunder storm over a mobile home park

Are manufactured homes safe during inclement weather?

If you’re wondering whether manufactured homes (also called mobile homes) are safe and strong enough to withstand hurricanes, storms, and other inclement weather conditions, the short answer is yes. In fact, when they are installed in hurricane-prone areas they need to meet more stringent building codes than those that apply to traditional site-built houses. 


If you’re looking for a manufactured home in a senior-friendly community with spa-like amenities like a pool and clubhouse, check out Mobile Country Club


Mobil Country Club is a senior-friendly gated community situated in Sacramento’s Gold River area and just a short drive to Lake Natomas, Folsom Lake and American River Parkway. 


Do manufactured homes follow strict building codes?


Since 1976, all manufactured homes have been built to meet rigorous federal standards. In fact, they use up to 20% – 30% more construction materials than a typical site-built house because they need to withstand the stress involved in the transportation process. Remember, they are built in a facility and transported long distances before they reach the land where they will be installed. 


Do insurance providers offer the same coverage for manufactured homes?


Thanks to HUD codes, today’s manufactured homes are as strong as site-built houses that insurance providers don’t make such differentiation and have the same coverage and requirement for these two housing options. 


How long manufactured homes last on average?


In a recent report released by the Manufactured Housing Institute, this affordable housing option has an average lifespan of 55.8 years. However, it is not uncommon for some homes to last longer than this period with proper upkeep and maintenance.


If you want to extend the life of your home, whether it’s a mobile home or a stick-built one, regular repainting, trimming the branches of nearby trees, making quick repairs (e.g., roof issues, cracks and crevices), and addressing leaks and excess moisture can go a long way. 


What kind of testing do manufactured homes undergo?


Both the manufactured homes and the facilities where they’ve been constructed undergo rigorous testing regularly. 


And once the manufactured homes are nearing completion, the facility’s quality inspectors will review and test their electrical, plumbing and air systems and the overall structural stability of the houses to ensure that they can withstand tornado and hurricane winds. 


After passing the facility’s internal inspection, the manufactured homes also need to pass another round of rigorous testing conducted by a third-party inspector who awards a permanent certification seal to “products” that meet a strict set of safety and building code standards. 


Why are manufactured homes cheaper than site-built houses?


Because manufactured homes are usually 20% – 50% cheaper than site-built houses, some people assume that the lower price tag means shoddy construction. However, this is far from the truth. 


The facilities that manufacture these homes make all the effort to reduce waste and maximize labor costs. By contrast, up to 30% of construction materials used in site-built homes goes to landfill.


Since there is no or very little waste during the construction of manufactured homes, companies can significantly lower their price without skimping on the quality and design. Plus, they reduce their waste, which of course is good for the environment. 


Final word 


If you’re looking for a manufactured home in a senior-friendly community, check out Mobile Country Club and its facilities and amenities mentioned below: 


  • Security gate
  • Pool with solar panel shaded area
  • Spa
  • On-site RV and boat storage
  • Clubhouse with fully outfitted kitchen
  • Community activities
  • Dog Park
  • BBQ and Picnic Area


If you have any questions or want to schedule a mobile home tour, please leave a message here. We’re excited to hear from you!

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