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Buying a Mobile Home vs. Renting an Apartment

As real estate prices continue to rise, many individuals are struggling to find affordable housing solutions. Renting an apartment has become a significant burden, particularly for older adults.

However, there is a cost-effective alternative: mobile homes.

Mobile homes (or manufactured homes) are factory-built houses built on a chassis. They are meant to be installed semi-permanently or permanently on private land or mobile home parks. Thanks to their cost-efficient construction, they are significantly more affordable than traditional houses.

In this blog, we’ll highlight the difference between owning a mobile home and renting an apartment. With this, we hope we can help you decide which is the best housing solution for you.

Are you searching for a retirement mobile home community near Sacramento? Look no further than Mobil Country Club, a resort-style 55+ community in the charming Gold River neighborhood. Our serene and modern community is designed for senior adults — a place you’ll call home. Call us today at (916) 635-6166 or send a message here for more information.

We have been here 10 years now. Management is very helpful and keeps our community in tip top shape. There are a lot of activities in the club house, monthly dinners, card and game clubs, crafts, water aerobics, social hours and a monthly brunch. Its clean and friendly here. Great neighbors. We love it.
Kathy McDaniel


Owning vs. Renting: A Key Difference

Mobile homes are factory-built housing units constructed off-site and assembled on-site. They come in various sizes and designs but typically feature the same basic amenities as traditional homes, including:

  • Kitchens
  • Bathrooms
  • Living areas

Owning a mobile home has one promising benefit — you get to build equity.

If you’re only renting an apartment, you pay your landlord monthly, and that’s it. No long-term benefits. You don’t get to build equity or invest in a property that belongs to you.

In contrast, paying your mobile home mortgage not only provides a place to live but also enables you to build equity.

By maintaining and improving your mobile home, you can increase its value and leverage that equity for loans, investments, and other purposes.

Maximizing Equity: Tips and Strategies

To take full advantage of your mobile home’s equity, remember to:

  • Care for and improve your mobile home while repaying your mortgage
  • Fix your unit to a permanent foundation
  • Install insulation and other upgrades to increase value


The Bottom Line

Building equity is a significant advantage of mobile home ownership, providing a long-term investment and financial security. Choosing to own a mobile home over renting an apartment means you can enjoy this benefit and more.

Do More With Your Own Outdoor Space

When it comes to outdoor spaces, mobile homes offer a clear advantage over apartments.

With a mobile home, you can enjoy:

  • Larger Yards: Mobile homes typically have a yard or outdoor space, which provides room for gardening, outdoor living, and entertainment.
  • Private Outdoor Areas: Unlike apartments, mobile homes often have private outdoor spaces, allowing you to enjoy fresh air and nature without shared walls or common areas.
  • Potential for a Garden or Outdoor Hobby Space: Have a green thumb? Have a hobby or looking to start one? Owning a mobile home grants it to you! You can cultivate a garden or create an outdoor space for hobbies like painting, pottery, or woodworking.

Row of houses along the main road of Mobil Country Club, a senior mobile home park in Rancho Cordova.

In contrast, apartments usually have limited outdoor space, such as a small balcony or shared courtyard, and often have restrictions on outdoor activities and renovations. If you value having a larger outdoor space and the flexibility to customize it, a mobile home is likely the better choice.

Enjoy Peace Living in a Retirement Mobile Home Community Near Sacramento

Apartment units are contained in a building where tenants share walls, floors, and ceilings. Thus, you get little privacy if you choose this route. You’ll likely hear their noise, and they’ll hear yours, so it can be difficult to enjoy quiet time or personal space.

With a mobile home, you’ll have your parcel of land and the freedom to customize your unit as you wish. You can enjoy your private space without shared walls or ceilings.

Getting peace and quiet is extremely valuable if you’re an older adult. You get uninterrupted sleep and the opportunity to enjoy your hobbies without your neighbors inadvertently disturbing you.

But mobile home living doesn’t mean isolation! Modern senior mobile home parks in Sacramento feature amenities like pools, clubhouses, and picnic areas, perfect for socializing with fellow residents and building a sense of community.

At our senior mobile home park in Rancho Cordova, we’ve created a vibrant community where neighbors come together to socialize and have fun. Our recreation hall is the heart of the action, hosting a variety of activities and events that bring everyone together.

Join your neighbors for a game of cards, billiards, or other popular games. Share food, stories, and laughter, and participate in monthly events celebrating our community spirit.

Outside, enjoy the sunshine and fresh air while playing shuffleboard, bocce ball, or horseshoes with friends. Or, gather for weekend barbecues and picnics, savoring good food and great company.

Check out Our Senior Mobile Home Parks Sacramento

Mobile homes feature affordable monthly payments, offer equity, and allow owners to enjoy peace and quiet. If you’re choosing between mobile homes vs. apartments, going with the former is an easy decision to make. Nonetheless, your preferences and situation will determine your best housing option.

If you’re an older adult searching for mobile homes for sale in Sacramento, Mobil Country Club is here to help you. Our senior community in the picturesque Gold River neighborhood offers the perfect blend of serenity and convenience, with easy access to establishments along Sunrise Blvd.

You’ll also enjoy:

  • Security gate
  • Pool with solar panel shaded area
  • Spa
  • On-site RV and boat storage
  • Clubhouse with fully outfitted kitchen
  • Dog park
  • BBQ and picnic area


Great place to reside. Clean grounds. Gated private community for security and very quiet. The management and facilities are on the ball! You can see how hard they work every day. Above and beyond. Good people. These are rare qualities for employees today! Thanks
Ben Ready


Call us at (916) 635-6166 or fill out our contact form to learn more about our senior community and discover why Mobil Country Club is the perfect choice for your golden years. We can also give you a tour should you wish to visit us.

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