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Easy and Affordable Holiday Decorating Tips for Mobile Homes

You may not be too keen on decorating your home this coming Christmas, especially if you already feel overwhelmed with the demands of “adulting,” such as gift shopping, cooking for a crowd, and prepping your house for the holiday guests. 

However, you don’t have to spend a fortune or have Martha Stewart’s talent to transform your mobile home into something that looks like a Christmas poster. With a little bit of elbow grease, some easy-to-find and affordable craft supplies and tools, and the decorating tips mentioned below, you can make your place look festive and welcoming this holiday season. 

Display holiday cards and gifts 

Instead of spending money on store-bought decorations, why not use two staple Christmas items you probably have on hand? 

By displaying beautifully wrapped gifts on a table and hanging your holiday cards on a clothespin or colorful ribbon across a wall, you can make your mobile home feel like Christmas. Plus, you can spruce up dull spots and prevent the bottom of your Christmas tree from looking overcrowded. 

Adorn your main doorway with stars and snowflakes

For this quick and easy decorating project, you can either use store-bought stars and snowflakes or make them yourself. If DIY sounds appealing to you, prepare some paper, glitters and/or paint, glue, and scissors, and search online for free patterns you can use. 

Display a Christmas bar cart

Again, you don’t need to splurge on new Christmas decorations. Why not create a beautiful winter display with flowers, metallic accents, crystal glasses, drinks, and citrus on a table? It’s a great way to add a touch of elegance to your home during the colder months.

By leaving out glasses, wine, and some basic cocktail essentials, you won’t have to play bartender for your guests. Sounds like a win-win solution, right?

Upcycle kid’s toys

Do you have some kid’s toys and old decorations collecting dust in your garage? Why not turn them into a fancy holiday decor with a simple upcycle idea? All you need is glass or silver glitter and some glue to make this quick and easy DIY project. 

Decorate your Christmas with whatever you have 

Instead of buying new decorations to fill your Christmas trees, use whatever items you have – be it your kid’s favorite toys, dried orange slices, cheap candy canes, cinnamon sticks and cranberries turned into a garland, dried winter flowers, cut-outs from scraps of gift wraps, etc. 

Make miniaturized Christmas trees

Do you know that you can make miniaturized Christmas trees using the “heads” of plastic spoons or forks? Glue the spoons or forks around a cone-shaped paper in a way that they overlap each other. 

To finish off this easy DIY project, you can spray paint the trees using any vibrant color you like, attach some beads to each end of the spoon or fork, and top it with a star, which can be fashioned from glittery or vibrant yellow paper. 

You can also make miniaturized Christmas trees using a pair of scissors and papers that are folded accordion-style to create the look of evergreen boughs. 

Display these trees to dress up your mantel or any tabletop. 

Spruce up your stairs with Christmas balls

Tie multiple Christmas balls to your banister using red ribbons to make your home look festive without spending too much on decorations. You can also add some fresh greenery garlands like firs, pine, and boxwood if you want to take things to the next level (and also add some sweet, fresh scent). 

Display Christmas vases 

Fill different-sized glass vases and large compotes with pinecones spray painted with gold and silver to give them Christmas sparkle (you can skip this if you want to go au naturel). You can also fill your crystal glasses with festive candies, chocolates, and other sweet treats.

Final Word

With these easy and affordable DIY Christmas decorations, there’s no reason to allow your home to look like Scrooge’s mansion. If these projects sound appealing to you or you want to share other decorating ideas, please comment below. 

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