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Exciting things are happening in Rancho Cordova this season. With so much going on, we decided to round up some events that will shake the stress away, cure boredom, and leave a happy tummy.

For Music lovers, Vinyl Apocalypse is happening on the 9th of March. Hosted by Sudwerk Brewery Dock Store in Davis, California, you might get your old school music fix this coming weekend.

Musicians and bands will also be flocking the area by March 15 as Groundwave takes the stage at The Trocadero for an evening of contemporary rock music.

For events happening in April and June, House of Floyd and Andrea Bocelli will be rocking the music scene so mark your calendar.

On April 28, come and join the fun for the Sacramento Earth Day. A family event for every member that aims to teach nearby communities the value of reducing the carbon footprint of every household and transforming the neighborhood into an environment-friendly zone. Kids will love the exhibitions that will feature the cars of the future including electric vehicles. Food choices are also diverse as vegan stalls will be serving food too to open the eyes of the public that plant-based is not always bland.

But there is an event on March 17 that will allow you to take a peek into the future. Drop by the Sacramento Public Library and experience a Free Spiritual Sampling event.

And it’s not all fun and enjoyment, because last March 7 a huge expo came to town looking for the best of the best-giving everyone at University of Phoenix a chance at their dream job. With the best employers in tow, the hiring expo was a hit as applicants flocked booths and signed up for interviews.

If you are a foodie, don’t worry because Dawson’s Bar and Grill has got you covered with a Beer Pairing Dinner. For just 45 dollars per person you can get yourself a good meal and a beer of your choice. Check out the place and satisfy your cravings!

These are just some of the events that will come to Rancho Cordova in the coming months, a testimony that this place is never dull.

With age-appropriate events and a wholesome crowd, Rancho Cordova is easily a friendly place for people who want a good balance of work and play in their lives.

If you are looking for the next best place to live that has all the fun and adventure that you are looking for, schedule a visit at Mobil Country Club in Rancho Cordova and see how this neighborhood can change your perspective on mobile homes.

With world-class amenities and huge lot portions, you can have neighbors and respect your boundaries too.

Give us a call or shoot you an email, our staff would be pleased to assist your needs.

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