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Why is it better to live in a gated community?

When we think of gated communities, we think of high-end, expensive, snob neighborhoods. But what if we tell you that there are mobile homes for sale in Sacramento, California that are inside a gated community without all the prejudices?

There are many reasons why families prefer gated communities to another type of living communities.

We have rounded up the top three most important reasons why living in a gated community is better.


The gates serve as the first level of security that a development company or real estate management can offer. But it does not end at the gates. There are also roaming guards to make sure that all areas are well patrolled and there are o intruders in the vicinity.

This means that you can leave your children playing at the porch and not worry that they will be snatched by unidentified individuals.

And since human error cannot be an issue, there are also closed circuit monitoring systems or CCTVs installed in strategic areas, so there are eyes everywhere that can protect your property and your family.


It is important to find a good community when raising a young family. The values and energy that the community has will be enbibed by the kids as they grow older.

It matters that they are raised in a warm and welcoming environment that encourages friendship, an active and healthy lifestyle, and nourishes their dreams and aspiration.

Living with like-minded people can help children develop their extra personal skills— things that they do not learn at school. Influence is important when raising children, keeping them in a peaceful, happy environment can help them become well-rounded person in the future.


Gated communities are often expensive because their real estate value also rises faster compared to other pieces of land. With the perks and privileges of living in a gated community, the value of the property can shoot up the roof by the time the family decides to sell the property.

This means that their homes become investments over time which helps the family when it is time for them to move to another town. Assets in gated communities are easier to monetize because of the area.

Traffic Free

While this may seem like a first-world problem to everyone, it is true for everybody. Traffic jams mean the air quality in the neighborhood is awful.

This hits two birds with one stone, since there are no traffic jams in gated communities, the air quality is also good and safe for children.

Final Word 

If you are still looking for your next home and are considering a gated community, come check out Mobil Country Club and experience the difference.

We can schedule a property tour with you so you can see for yourself how our community is changing the way people live in gated communities.

Send us an email or give us a call and we would be happy to assist you in the search for your new home!

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