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How To Get a Mobile Home the Easy Way: Delivery & Installation

If you’re buying a mobile home, its delivery and installation is not a do-it-yourself project. Most homeowners will have to pay for this service, and it’s an additional expense on top of the unit’s contract price. 

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The installation process is complex and involves planning and execution by professionals. Here are some things you should know about mobile home delivery and installation.

Transporting a mobile home

You can either hire a local mover or one of the big guys like UHaul and Ryder. While most movers are not allowed to transport mobile homes in their trucks, there are some exceptions.

If the trucking company has a FMCSA (Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration) license for transporting mobile and modular housing units, it can transport your unit. 

The trucker must then sign an affidavit that they’ve been trained on how to safely load a mobile home onto their flatbed trailer (or whatever type of trailer they use).

Placement of the home

It’s a good idea to check the utility connections before you set your home in place. This includes water, sewer, and electric lines. If needed, you can hire a professional to help with this task.

Additionally, you may want to make sure that there is access from the road to the home site. The truck will need a clear path to transport your mobile home into the foundation where it will be installed.

Check if there are trees, shrubs, or other obstacles that may block access during the delivery and installation of your mobile home. If necessary, trim these items so they don’t obstruct the way. 

Avoid uneven terrain conditions at all costs because they may cause instability issues, especially if you’re already occupying the unit. 

Foundation preparation, including leveling and blocking the home

Leveling is critical to ensure that your mobile home sits on an equal surface and doesn’t suffer any structural damage. Blocking is used to secure the home in place once it has been leveled.

Both leveling and blocking should be done by professionals to ensure those tasks will be done properly. These services are not included in the cost of delivery and installation, so make sure you budget for them beforehand.

Final inspection and homeowner walk-through with the installer

During this time, inspectors will verify that all items have been installed correctly. They’ll also make sure that any damaged or defective parts are repaired before your move-in date.

Before you sign off on any work done by your installer, they will give you a copy of their final report explaining the issues they found with your new home. 

The inspector will then provide you with an estimate for repairing these problems. You can also ask them if there are steps you can take to fix them yourself without having them repair anything at all!

If there are no issues found during this inspection process, congratulations! Your new mobile home in Rancho Cordova is ready for occupancy!


There are many steps involved in the delivery and installation process that can impact your home buying experience significantly—and even affect your safety. Thus, if you’re looking at mobile homes for sale in Rancho Cordova, it’s good to know how these units are transported, placed on the foundation, and set up. 

If you want to ensure everything goes smoothly from start to finish, make sure you work with a trusted company with experience in this construction project. 

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