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How to keep your mobile home cool during the end of summer

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How to keep your mobile home cool during the end of summer

Summer is about fun, excitement, and experiences. It is one of the most eventful seasons in people’s lives. It is the season of barbecue grills, picnics, beach trips, and many more. 


But summer is not just about that. Some people make the most out of this season by cozying up in their houses. They will lounge in their living rooms with pajamas on and a tub of ice cream in one hand. 


However, during summer, the heat sometimes becomes unbearable. In areas where the temperature rises to uncomfortable levels during the summer, staying at home may be a little rough.  


Today, we will give you tips on how you can make your summer better. We have some tips and tricks for all the mobile homeowners out there on how you can keep your mobile home cool during the end of summer.  


Green is in


Unleash your inner green thumb and be a plant parent. Having plants all over the house is a great way to filter the air inside. Some plants like fern and palm are natural humidifiers. Humidity is one of the factors that affect the overall temperature inside your home, so you better have that in check.  


Let there be light  


Contrary to popular belief, a little light is actually better for your house. Do not attempt to block all the sunlight that comes in. Natural light in the correct amount will prevent your home from feeling cramped and hot. What you can do instead is to have your windows tinted in very light yet cool shade – so you have filtered light coming in.  


Leather no more! 


If you live in a mobile home, leather may not be the best option to use for your furniture. A little leather accent here and there is perfectly fine, but having chunky, leather furniture can spell discomfort. Leather tends to absorb heat, and over time, that heat contributes to the warming of the house. Ditch leather furniture, and go for lighter, more breathable materials.  


Out with the old, in with the new 


Replace old bulbs with newer, more energy-efficient bulbs. Older lighting models emit more heat. When used in prolonged hours, the heat coming from the bulb contributes a lot to the temperature of the house. Use LED bulbs instead, as they emit lesser heat.  


Open up! 


Your windows should be open once in a while so that fresher air may come in. The air inside that is trapped for quite some time can get stuffy and warm. The best way to avoid this is to schedule a time in the day when windows will be open. It is best if you do this at a time when the temperature outside drops a little bit.  


There are many more ways to keep your homes cool during the end of the summer, but all these mentioned above are proven and tested for you. If you are looking for more tips about the proper upkeep of your mobile home, feel free to explore around our website! 


If you are not a mobile homeowner yet, this site is still for you! Mobil Country Club offers a beautiful community in Sunrise Boulevard. You can check out our listings and see if there is one that fits!   

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