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Pampering Yourself in Rancho Cordova

Often times we feel too tired to plan, to check flights, to book hotels, and to review destinations. It seems like we do not always have the time for these things, so we end up postponing our holidays or pampering sessions. However, did you know that there are several ways that you can enjoy your free time in the comfort of your mobile homes? Now you ask, “how can I even own a mobile home?” We’ve got you covered here in Mobil Country Homes where you can have the dream staycation of your life while having easy access to shops and other services you might need. We’ve compiled a list of staycation things you can easily do while you’re relaxing in your Mobil Country Home unit:


This starts with setting up an ambience. A tidy room is nice but a candle-lit room makes it more relaxing. Get your favorite scented candle and light it just as you are warming the water for your foot soak. Once everything is set up, you can now bring together the essential oils and the warm water you have prepared. Then, slowly dip your foot in the basin and enjoy the calming effects of the water and the aroma of the room. A good 30 minutes of soak while listening to good music and inhaling your favorite scent is a simple treat you can give yourself after weeks of overtime at work. After this, you will feel refreshed and you will see dead skin cells falling off your feet, giving it a silky soft finish.

Or you can come visit Crystal Nails and Spa here in Rancho Cordova. Whether its paint for your nails, grooming, or fixing that stubborn nail, this is the place to be. With properly trained nail attendants, you will have nothing to worry about.


2.       A GOOD HAIR DAY

For ladies who work in the morning, hair is probably the most neglected part of the body to prepare. In the shower, we toss in shampoo and forget about conditioner because we need to catch the next bus.  At night, we are too tired to wash it. So, why not devote an entire morning to only care for your hair? This will not only save you money but will also make your hair look rejuvenated. Ladies, you have two options for this: we can either go natural by using home ingredients to pamper your hair or buy products sold in salons or shops. Whichever you choose, it will still be a fun day. If you are choosing home ingredients like aloe vera or coconut oil, make sure you know how to use them; the same goes for commercial products. Be sure to read instructions before going ahead. After preparing your hair regimen for the day, step into the shower and take your time scrubbing your skin and massaging your scalp. Step out of the shower and dry your hair. You will feel that your hair is tangle-free, smooth, and shiny!

But, if you wanna add a little more fun and life into your hair by dying, Maggie’s Beauty Salon is the best place to be. Their hair experts just know exactly how to get the color that you like without damaging your tresses. Do drop by for a visit, a hair color might just be the stress reliever that you need.



If you are already planning on transferring to Mobil Country Homes, then this place is not so hard to find because the property is warm and has an inviting aura. If you are not yet residing here, you can check where the best places for mobile homes in Sacramento, California are. Going back, small pots of plant near the window with a good amount of sunlight are a good place to start your Zen area. Zen areas are places in your house where you can relax and associate it with calmness. You can place a nice comfy chair next to a window with your plants so you can share positive energies. There are studies that prove that having a small garden helps reduce stress in the body, and is good for people’s mental health. Why not start with a one or two flower pots?

Better yet, bring in a jacuzzi and enjoy the flowers while soaked in a good bubbly tub. Hot Tub Place of Sacramento offers variety of options you can choose from; different sizes, designs, and technical specifications– some can make huge bubbles while others can warma  tub relaly fast.



It is always exciting to try out new things. It can be an activity you always wanted to do, a craft you always wanted to learn or a chore you have hated since you were a little kid. Whatever it is, new things give our bodies a good boost of the happy hormones which helps reduce stress and improves our overall well-being. If you are not someone who likes to run, maybe you can take a walk around your neighborhood for 30 minutes and enjoy the trees, fresh air, and the laughter of the kids. Or, if you want to learn a new craft like painting or calligraphy, just do it. Learning should never stop and crafts do not only teach us new things, it also allows for self-discovery. Lastly, don’t forget your old chores. If you have always hated fixing that busted light bulb, it might be a good time to start doing it. There is a certain level of fulfillment once a chore has been completed.

If you’d like to go the extra mile in gathering new experiences, you might want to try white water rafting and navigate through the rocks and the waves. Fishing is another option if you want a calmer water activity. But if you want something relaxing but with a  little bit of activity, sailing might just be your thing. But if you wanna go modern water sports style, a water park is the best place for you; here you will find man made facilities that can replicate river or ocean waves. All these, here in Rancho Cordova.


A warm house with good laughs and happy energy is a healthy home. Invite your friends over for a movie night or a potluck. There is no substitute for good friends having a good time. It might be a simple meal but it is more than the food shared but the moments created. Reminiscing experiences years back and laughing at it together is a good way to shoo the bad energy away. If you think your friendship is strong enough, play a round of Monopoly or Uno card. If you want to do it the millennial way, then maybe some Cards Against Humanity?  You might want to host a slumber party and paint each other’s nails like you did in high school or log-on to Netflix and do a full season marathon of your favorite series. If you’re more serious with sleepovers, a game of poker with pizza and beer will do the trick. Whatever you choose to do, do it with your friends and it will be fun.


There you have it, our top five easiest stress busters in the comfort of your own home.  Relaxing need not be expensive or far, because there are activities that can guarantee a good time without breaking the bank. We hope these tips will help you enjoy Mobil Country Homes.


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