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Why mobile home communities are perfect for pet parents

Searching for your dream home is already a challenge in itself with the price tag, location and amenities available in the area. 

More so finding one that welcomes your fur babies, because most communities have restrictions on pets. 

Many properties implement restrictions on a pet’s age, weight, or breed—or they don’t allow pets at all, making the house hunting process for pet owners impossible.  

Good thing there are mobile home communities that are not only affordable but are also pet friendly. 

Pet friendly because the community may allow having pets but there may be policies to follow, which is not a bad thing to keep a harmonious neighborhood of pet lovers. 

Here are some reasons why mobile home communities are perfect for you and your fur baby. 


The house structure may not be spacious but mobile home properties have lots enough for outside space. This allows you more room for your pet to live and enjoy his life. You can build a small home on your lawn or in your yard to accommodate your pet. It also gives you the option to have your lot fenced so your pet can freely run around your property. 


Mobile home communities offer various and exclusive amenities for the benefit of residents. These may include a recreation center, a swimming pool, path walks, etc. There are also plenty of spaces for walks to exercise your four-legged pal. Moreover, there are communal spaces where home owners and furry members of the family can have fun and play, and socialize with neighbors.  


Communities are gated and have limited or controlled entry points and exits. This ensures the safety not only of homeowners but also of animals. Pets may leave your premises but they won’t be able to go beyond the walls of the community, keeping them from harm’s way. 


Some communities have pet policies enforced. But don’t fret, these policies are not meant to scare you away but to keep peace and harmony within the community. Some rules include the number of pets, the size, where they are allowed, the use of leash, etc. It also promotes responsible pet ownership because some policies include keeping up to date on their vaccines. It’s best if you ask their policies before purchasing a home to know if it’s meant for you and your pet.  


Since you’re inquiring for a pet-friendly community, you’ll find like-minded people who love and care for animals as much as you do. This means you won’t have to worry about complaints or issues with neighbors since you will be surrounded by pet lovers such as yourself. Living in a pet-friendly community will also allow your pets a chance to socialize with other animals. 

Not all mobile home communities are pet friendly, and you may need to search long and hard to find what you and your pet need. 

In the Sacramento area, we at Mobil Country Club may be able to provide you and your furry friend the dream home you’ve been looking for. 

We are a gated, resort-style mobile home park in Gold River, Rancho Cordova for the 55-or-better population, complete with amenities and professional and friendly staff. 

Call or visit us to get a feel of what it’s like to live in our pet-friendly community. 

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