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Top Reviewed restaurants near Mobil Country Club

The demand for great restaurants grows by the minute. With everyone being too busy to cook their food, the natural option will be to eat at a restaurant and go take-outs. However, no one wants to eat sloppy and bad-tasting food. No matter how rushed you are, you still want to enjoy your meal. Living in a community with access to food options is a dream come true. 

Lucky for the residents of Mobil Country Club, this is not a dream anymore. They are living in a community that is surrounded by great restaurant options. 

Check out this list of the top-reviewed restaurants near Mobil Country Club! 


Famous Burger 

Everyone loves a good burger. It is the ultimate go-to meal. Are you up for a late-night food run? Get a burger! Want to fuel up after a tiring workout? Eat a burger or two! So, of course, we will start our list with one of the best burger joints in the U.S. – Famous Burger! This restaurant is known for its affordable selection of burgers! It is located in Zinfandel Drive, and it usually has a long line so you won’t miss it! 


Poke Cube

If you are one of those people who love to try different foods all the time, you should check out this place. Poke Bowl is a famous Hawaiian dish that is taking the world by storm. It consists of rice, raw fish, fruits, veggies, and unique sauces. Poke bowls usually come with different toppings. In Poke Cube restaurant, you can even choose your toppings with their BYOB: Build Your Own Bowl offering. You can find them at 3161 Zinfandel, Rancho Cordova. Try it out and experience the freshness of Hawaiian cuisine. 


Samurai Sushi 

There are a lot of Japanese restaurants all over the U.S, but only a few get it right.  Samurai Sushi  is one of the few! This restaurant opened in 1998, and it has been loved ever since! Hailed as one of the best restaurants in Rancho Cordova, you should try this place out! Bring your family here for a Sunday lunch out or call a few friends for a quick bite. This restaurant does both perfectly. 


Il Forno Classico 

Are you a wine lover? Then, this place is definitely for you! Aside from the fantastic and authentic Italian offerings, this restaurant carries about 600 different wines on their menu. Talk about a vast selection! Whatever wine you fancy, they most likely have it in their arsenal. But, be sure to appreciate their great food as well. Il Forno Classico is more than just a wine bar. 


Brookfields Restaurant 

Brookfields  is the number 1 restaurant in Rancho Cordova, according to Trip Advisor. Carrying an All-American Menu, this restaurant is a favorite among the locals. From the breakfast meals to the classics, everyone seems to love the food here! This restaurant is excellent for family bonding. Their portions are enormous, and there are a lot of kid-friendly options. You can find Brookfields right off Highway 50.   

Bring yourself closer to the things that matter most – like good food and good company. Find your ideal community today. Call us at  (916) 635-6166  for more information about Mobil Country Club. 

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