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Senior Mobile Home Communities: Retiring to a Life of Leisure

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Senior Mobile Home Communities: Retiring to a Life of Leisure

When we are younger, we crave adrenaline, loud music, bright lights, and crowds. But as we thread gracefully into aging, our preferences shift to a more relaxed, more laid-back lifestyle. This gives us more time to enjoy the peace and quiet, pleasurable outing, and another side of companionship.


Navigating adult and senior living can be challenging. Finding a balance of an active, laid-back lifestyle, affordability, decent accommodation, and a pleasant neighborhood is crucial.


Undecided about moving to a 55+ community? Discover why it could be the best decision you make today in our comprehensive list below.


Your own community

Age-structured communities offer a neighborhood of like-minded individuals with similar needs and interests.


Younger parents feel a certain kind of joy when their kids start moving out when they’ve turned 18 and going to college. Parents are most likely in their 40s by this time. After a few more years, their children will graduate from college and will start building their own lives, and the visits become scarcer as they are busy running after their dreams.


Then, before you know it, they have their own families. This is when the empty nest syndrome kicks and, and seniors start to feel lonely and alone. Others have it worse and fall into depression.


Living in your own community means you are never alone. While there are spaces between your homes, it is never far enough that you cannot reach out to someone for a conversation, a coffee in the morning or tea in the afternoon. It is also a good place to start making new acquaintances or friends that you can enjoy the journey of retirement with.


Homes built with seniors in mind

Seniors have different design requirements, and as we age, our needs also evolve. Living in an over-55 community means the homes in these places were built specifically to cater to the needs of the seniors and their future needs.


This means that the walking halls are wider, the doors are lighter, and the entry and exit points of the houses are defined. It also means that it has provisions for the future use of crutches, wheelchairs, or wheeled oxygen tanks.


While these things seemed trivial upon moving in, these features will become more important and relevant as age comes to visit every year.


Safety and Security

With age comes a certain vulnerability, and sometimes people would like to take advantage of this weakness. Living in a senior’s community means your homes are protected 24 hours a day, seven days a week.


There are roving patrols to ensure that peace and quiet are maintained and that there are no suspicious incidents occurring.


Most of the time, mobile home parks are also equipped with surveillance cameras to create a safer environment. It is like living in a posh gated community, only that you do not have to break the bank to experience one.


Events for seniors

Senior living does not have to be boring. Being a senior does not mean you retire from fun and it only wants you to want another version of what you used to consume. 


With regular game nights at the community hall and dance sessions, seniors will always have an event to look forward to. Holidays are also less stressful because there is a community that can make you feel a warm sense of family.


Functional amenities

Mobil Country Club properties are always equipped with the best, most functional amenities for seniors. This helps encourage a more active lifestyle for our retired members of society who wants to keep their energy running high.


The properties under the management of Mobil Country Club have a great walking path or jog lane. They even support the creation of bike lanes to support the efforts of the residents to choose another form of mobility. They also have swimming pools so that seniors will have an alternate leisure and exercise venue.


Affordable living for seniors

Living on savings and pension can sometimes bring a tough situation in a senior’s life. Moving into a senior’s home will reduce living costs substantially.


Moving in means no more lawn management, no more property taxes, no more huge roof maintenance, no more pest control every three months, and no more whole house paint job orders every year.


Imagine the amount of savings that a senior can put together and park in a better investment vehicle. This means that seniors will have more resources that they can utilize for more meaningful, important purchases and expenses.


Since seniors have quick needs every now and then, location is an important factor. Mobil Country Club has properties across the region that are centrally located.


This means that they are near hospitals, utilities, commercial spaces, and financial institutions. Should seniors need an urgent visit to the hospital, it is usually just 10- 15 mins away; banks around the same distance, as well as a grocery store.


These are only a few of the reasons why moving-in into a senior’s home is the best decision you can make today. If you wish to make a trip to one of our properties, do not hesitate to ring us or shoot us an email. We will be very glad to help you find your next home and future community.

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