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Seven Things to Know About Mobil Country Club

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Seven Things to Know About Mobil Country Club

Mobil Country Club is a beautiful 479-space mobile home park located in Gold River, Rancho Cordova. This village is the perfect place for those who are looking for the perfect balance of suburban and city life. It has a relaxed atmosphere, yet it is close to everything you need in the city. 

You might be unsure yet whether this is the place for you, so let us help you make that decision. 

Here are seven things to know about Mobil Country Club in Rancho Cordova. 

1. It has a dense suburban feel

If you are into that quiet life, this place is perfect for you and your family. Rancho Cordova is known for its serene and peaceful atmosphere. Although it is accessible to a lot of commercial areas, it has successfully maintained the suburban charm. 

2. There are many parks and coffee shops around the area 

True to its ambiance, many relaxing spots can be found around Mobil Country Club. Parks, such as Hagan Community Park, Stone Creek Community Park, White Rock Community Park, are frequented by the residents. Lush green spaces are scattered all over the town, giving it a healthier atmosphere.  

3. The neighborhood is safe 

The crime rate across all of Rancho Cordova is lower than the national average. The residents of the city are proud to say that their city is beautiful, safe, and family-friendly. Many young professionals settle in the area, proving that it has great potential. 

4. It is a diverse area 

Rancho Cordova is rated A+ when it comes to diversity. White, Hispanics, Asians, and African-Americans are the major racial groups that occupy the city. Many of its residents enjoy the diversity in the area.  

5. The cost of living is cheaper 

The living expenses in this area are relatively lower than in other parts of California. It is perfect for starting families and retirees since the prices of necessities are not too steep.  

6. The transportation system is well-planned 

The town has light rail stations and public buses. Traveling around is easy. Even going to Sacramento is quite a breeze, via public or private transportation.  

7. The weather is perfect 

The area gets about 20 inches of rain annually. Sunny days make up most of the year. The kids will surely love this since there will be more outdoor playtime for them. You can also have more adventures with the family, considering the weather is pleasant year-round. You can go camping, fishing, hiking, and boating during the summer!  

Mobil Country Club as your new home

We bet the things above are good enough to make you want to move to this place. You will not regret it for sure! Mobil Country Club is located in a place full of potential. It is an excellent town as it is right now, but surely more developments will be introduced along the way.  

Experience the serenity of suburban life, along with the comfort of metropolitan living. Consider Rancho Cordova as your next hometown and Mobil Country Club as your next home! 

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