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What to consider when looking for a new home

Buying a new home is both an investment and a dream come true, especially for new couples or young families. But while this milestone is a joyous occasion, sometimes it can turn into a nightmare due to things that can get looked over.

So, we listed three of the most critical factors that new homeowners should consider when checking for a property to acquire and make sure that hard-earned money will not go to waste. 


Location can be a deal-breaker for a lot of families. If you are a young family moving into a new city, you might need to consider the proximity of utilities and health centers. Educational institutions are also a factor to consider if you have grade-schoolers in the house. 

A location also says a lot about the site of the development. If there are other developments nearby, it means it is an excellent place to buy because the value of the land can go up steadily in the coming years. 

Safety and security is also a factor in considering the location of your next home. Is it near a police officer? Do they have firefighter stations in the four-kilometer radius? Does the developer have safety measures in place? 

Before deciding on getting a property, it pays to do a site visit so you get to know the place where you will spend a few good years with your family. 


A warm and welcoming neighborhood is essential to raising children; if you are single and looking for a new home, a supportive community can help keep you motivated. 

A good neighborhood is essential for everybody’s peace of mind. You do not know what happens at night when you sleep and therefore you should be able to trust yourself that you are in a peaceful community. 

As for children, a community’s support helps mold the qualities of a competent individual. A neighborhood that encourages creativity, independence, and compassion is the right place to raise kids. 


This is where most buyers fail. Sometimes, a clean façade and a well-painted wall can hide a lot of trouble underneath. And since you cannot see the drainage and the sewers, you might actually forget to ask about it and its maintenance history. 

That said, a lot of new homeowners find out about these issues a few months after moving into the house. It is when the pipes start to leak, or the septic tank starts to stink. 

When buying a house, be sure to check about its plumbing condition, the drain, the walls for possible pest infestation, and the roof. 

Overall, if you are looking for a new home, find a place that is centrally located in a pleasant neighborhood that can guarantee good quality houses. 

Mobil Country Club offers a great place in the best location; and since you will be buying a pre-built home, you are assured that all its components are new and in good condition. 

If you have inquiries regarding our developments or would like to do a site visit, do not hesitate to ring us or shoot us an email. Our team would be glad to help you find the most suitable home for you and your family.

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