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Why Rancho Cordova is a nice place to live

Rancho Cordova lies North of the Central Valley at the base of the Sierra Nevada mountains, giving this city a suburban feel. Meanwhile, there has been a growing number of young families and professionals moving here in recent years because of excellent public schools, kid-friendly community parks and job opportunities. 

Reasons to live in Rancho Cordova 

Read on below to learn more about why Rancho Cordova is a nice place to live for families, retirees, professionals and people who enjoy the great outdoors.

Safe neighborhoods

There’s a reason why young families and retirees choose this city with a vibrant suburban vibe: It is generally considered a safe place to live, with a crime rate about 13% lower than the national average. 

More than half of Rancho Cordova’s residents own their homes, which could explain why the city has a lower crime rate than other urban areas. (Several studies have linked high homeownership rates with safer neighborhoods.)

Multiple hiking and biking trails 

Rancho Cordova stays true to its motto, “City life reinvented,” as it continuously develops facilities that encourage residents to stay active and live closer to nature. For instance, it has multiple trails where you can explore the city and its surrounding nature reserves. 

One of the most popular trails is the 32-mile American River Bike Trail, also called the Jedediah Smith Memorial Trail, which stretches from downtown Sacramento to Lake Folsom. Other paths you may want to try–whether for trail running, mountain biking or hiking–are the Shady and Middle Ridge Trails. 

Water sports activities

Because the city is surrounded by pristine lakes and rivers, residents can easily enjoy water sports activities, including white water rafting in the American River which flows down from the Sierra Mountain range and splits into three separate streams. The Middle Fork, which is an hour-and-a-half drive from town, has the wildest rapids that can take you to a picturesque canyon in the Sierra Nevada and through a 90-foot tunnel created by gold miners in 1899.

But if you’re into a more laid-back water activity, you may want to try recreational float trips on the lower sections of the river where the water is calmer.

Higher wage

While it’s true that the average cost of living in Rancho Cordova is around 21% higher than the US average, the state’s minimum wage rate compensates for it–$14 per hour versus the federal minimum wage of $7.25.

Beautiful weather 

If you’re into sunny weather, Rancho Cordova is a great city to live with its warm and temperate climate. (If you want to try water sports activities, schedule your trip between mid-June and late September, which is the rainy period.)

In summer, the city‘s average temperature is between the mid-60s and upper 90s, while in winter, it can drop up to around 30s at night and peaks mid-50s at midday. In short, there is a relatively mild temperature variation in the region. 

But when it comes to monthly rainfall (the rainy period is between September and May), the city experiences extreme seasonal variation, with February receiving the most rain. 

Final word 

With its safe and tight-knit neighborhoods, nice weather, excellent public schools, and proximity to must-visit nature destinations that offer fun outdoor activities, it’s not surprising that Rancho Cordova has been on the top list of house-hunters looking for a city with a dense suburban feel. 

If you’re searching for a safe and tight-knit community, check out Mobile Country Club, a 479-space, resort-style mobile home park that sits near breathtaking sceneries like Folsom Lake, Lake Natoma and American River Parkway. 

Aside from the neighborhood’s location, it also offers amenities like a security gate, dog park, spa, swimming pool with a solar panel shaded area, clubhouse with full kitchen, RV and boat storage, dog park and barbecue and picnic area. 

To learn more about this neighborhood, you may send us a message and let’s schedule your visit.  

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